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FxST Program Review

If you have been searching the web and have done a lot of research online. I myself did my research before enrolling with FxST and was looking for a real FxST Program Review and found very little, which is why I decided to create one myself.

Like I said I did do my research all over the internet only to find testimonies that FxST reviews has on their website, from their previous students.

You may have searched online and heard of FxST Review or Forex Successful Traders or even their FxPM System right? And I bet you have seen their youtube videos and how Matt and Josh, including Armando take quick profits from the market. Well that really peaked my interest and It is what got me to look into this company. Now I did sign up and got some training courses and videos, I had first spoke to Marc and we had met up in Manhattan beach back in late of 2010 and I joined in 2011.

Now, at the time I was already going through another education company, and some way somehow I ended up going back to the other education company. Unfortunately it did not work out, I knew I had made a mistake and that mistake costed me 2 years of wasting my time. It was like putting on a trade in the market, once it is placed and you lose, no one is there to give the money back to you. Below is my receipt , when I paid through PayPal. Obviously at the time it was a lot more affordable.




We all make mistakes that cost us time and money hope this doesn’t happen to you. Which is why I decided to create this blog because I went through that pain of going through loses, again and again and jumping from company to company I wasn’t getting anywhere. Until I had it, I was definitely crushed because I had spent all the time and effort, especially the money, I didn’t even know if trading was something I wanted to do anymore, but something told me back in 2013 (go back to Forex Successful Traders, give them a shot) see the real reason I didn’t give them much attention was because of the platform that was being used I didn’t want to spend the time to learn it. I was a lot younger and was looking for the hype of the dollars and had lost focused on what I really wanted to become, which was a professional forex trader. so I then committed to the process! The rest is history. Although I wished I could have stayed, all I can say now is that I am glad I made the decision of going to back to FxST and I know I am on the right path now.  Pretty cliche but that saying is true “better late than never” but remember “never late is always better”.


FxST Review

Now in this FxST Review I will go over the benefits and I also go over what you will be getting if you decide to enroll. As well as some of the hesitations I had back then before enrolling. Like I said at the time I was also looking for something real, so I will do my best to rate this product. Which if you are reading this now I am still using it.

I do want to start off by mentioning that when I was looking into thier FxST Program and spoke to Marc Douglas, in which he is one of the Chief Business Officers, I’d have to say he was a very welcoming person and he never pushed me into doing anything I didn’t wanted to do. Even Josh and Matt, when I spoke to them, I noticed they never pitched me or anything, which I thought it was odd but at the same time, I realized they are real Forex Successful Traders I mean literally, they trade full time.

As soon as I enrolled and went into the live trading room I realized that Forex Successful Traders (FxST) did have an incredible reputation with their students, some which are on their way to trading full time as well.

Honestly from my own personal experience of looking into trading systems and trading education schools. I noticed that most traders were either burned by systems or just couldn’t fit their personality to go with the trading system causing them to still struggle, and that’s where I was, I was struggling! Anyways up to this point I haven’t found any negative reviews on Forex Successful Traders Reviews nor about their FxST Program Review.

FxST Review Video:


The FxPM software is one of the most advance trading system that I have seen, dead on precise entries, really tight stops and really phenomenal risk/reward. It gives you the information you need in order to make up your decision quickly whether you are buying or selling.

– Another plus of the FxPM software is that it has been used and tested for more than 30+ years, it was a proprietary system and now it has been created so that retail traders such as you and I can use it.

– Forex Successful Traders (FxST) provide you with a professional forex business plan to help you keep track of your trading goals and keep track of your trading activity.

– You have Trading coaches such as Matt & Josh which they are available and I personally think it is a cool thing that comes with the enrollment ; you have 3 sessions of a one on one coaching, you can see the FxST Enrollment Breakdown. You can go over just about anything. Plus if you ever need help, they are just one message or phone call away, as long as you schedule yourself with them, they will make time for you.

– Their Online membership is for life! Their courses are very well organized, it will suit beginner and advance traders. They take you by the hand and make sure you take the correct steps in mastering how to trade using the FxPM Software.

– I think the most valuable thing that I noticed about this software is their forex course of passive strategies is that it is a very repeatable process and it is very easy to follow. They have hundreds of youtube videos to study from, of live market action. The system it self gives you clear rules to follow and lays out the blueprint for you to start making profits consistently.

– Their software has helped me with the emotional side of trading, now, I am winning on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

– Another HUGE point I want to add is that you have in the live room Armando Martinez, one of the co-founders of the FxPM software with 15+ years of market knowledge.

– I sometimes dont have the time to participate in the live room. At first I thought it was going to be a draw down but since they have over 600+ youtube videos explaining their entries and strategies that are repeatable I was able to learn this from home.


– The program is a bit expensive (for those with no money), I paid about $5,000, just don’t let that number fool you, because come to think about it I have already given the market about $10k of my own money plus more on other education programs that I wasted time with. Plus, I think that just about every one has lost money in the markets, if I would of had the chance to do it all over again, I would have joined with FxST and made sure I stayed there and leaving, it would have been worth it because the rewards that are coming in are worth a whole lot more. Not only you learn how to trade, but you learn a valuable skill that you can take anywhere in the world and make an income. Even if it is small in the beginning, in the back of your mind, you know, that number is limitless.

– You do have to pay for their live feed, that is $129 a month; Keep in mind you are paying for an INSTITUTIONAL PLATFORM, which in my opinion it is 10 years into the future than any other forex trading system or platform. So dont go for the free platform BS…..the way I see it , is as a write off.

– You can’t expect to get rich, their style of trading is very consistent thought and as long as you learn to master the skill, you will begin to make profits. I have been trading with them on DEMO for 6 months and I will be going LIVE. So wish me luck guys!

– The FxPM trading software is available with 2 brokers.  The upside is that they are going to make the FxPM Software to connect to more brokers, so they are upgrading!

Overall I have really enjoyed my time with the FxST Program and the Forex Successful Trading Team. I have to say that for the first time in my life I know that I am headed towards the right direction and fulfillment in becoming a full time trader. My view of trading has dramatically changed, big time. Not just in a return of my account but also mentally; the confidence that I have to enter a trade, is second to none. I am grateful to have found these guys…not just that but I also want to contribute back to the community of trading and for those of you out there still looking for something real and have tried just about everything!!! and are sick and tired of being sick and tired…well if you are willing to give it a go; to give yourself one last chance, this is really it guys…., you have a lot to gain….seriously though what do you have to lose, except your future:

If you join FxST’s Program then I welcome you; Above all trading is a business so take it SERIOUSLY!

I really do wish you the best!

You can reach out to me if you want as well I do hope you enjoyed my FxST Review.

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