A Simple Way to Trade the Forex Market

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Let’s be real is there really a simple way to trade the Forex market, you either know how to trade consistently or you do not, right?.

Are you on YouTube watching videos or forums looking for the next best trading pattern or strategy? From my experience there is no, best strategy. The best thing you can do is stick to one idea and stick to it until it works, find a mentor, or run into a legitimate trading company that teaches you how to trade a skill you will take for the rest of your life no matter where you go.

Now it may not suit most people and this may not suit your trading style, but the point and the fact of the matter is that it does work, if you stay discipline and follow your rules it works. After 2 years of losing money and getting off course I finally made the decision and realized I was glad to have found FxST. The FxST system really is a top of the notch trading system with precise entries, as well as it gives you the opportunity to have a good risk to reward ratio with a high percentage of winning. The reality is you dont need a system that is 100% winner, nonetheless it does not exist but even if you only win 50% of the time you can still make money if you manage yourself correctly.

I will show you below a simple way to trade the forex market and as you can see the video how to execute a trade with ease and how I was able to take points. As well as protect myself and remove risk.


simple way to trade forex market


As you can see from the video above. I input this picture because this was one of my entries for the AUD/USD, notice the numbers, that is a strong resistance level, the Black triangles facing down are like exponential moving averages. Also notice that every column is a different time frame and when you see these numbers align that means that level is a very strong resistance level. Keep in mind I am trading off the FxST platform, you will notice how easy and fast it was to enter into the trade as well as protect myself from the trade. Another thing to noticed is that as soon as I entered the trade, my stop went to break even. This day felt like there really is a simple way to trade the forex market. I took a few points and I was done for the day. It may not seem like much but if you do it over a period of days and months you will see the difference, don’t forget to read my FxST Review, thanks for reading!


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A little info about me, my name is Martin. I’ve been trading for about 5 years, I started trading due to the fact that I wanted to learn more about the markets and always had an interest in them since I was 13 years old. I realized, it was not just a hobby, but a very lucrative career. Now my goal is to trade full time and have the freedom to do what I want and be able to take care of my family. I am sure we traders may come from different backgrounds but the end goal is the same. I hope you can get empowered by the information I am providing you as well as share the same view.

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