Forex Successful Traders Review

So if you where like me back in 2013, I am sure you were wondering , who is Forex Successful Traders? Right…. Well first of they are a small company that started teaching traders how to trade. Strictly forex! they don’t do stocks, they don’t trade commodities, they don’t trade binaries, they do FOREX! they have been teaching students since 2007 if not sooner, but to my knowledge the head trader and founder Armando Martinez has over 20+ years of teaching and trading.


So where is Forex Successful Traders located?

Initially their headquarters is located in Miami, Florida. They hold seminars through out the year, now it is not necessary to go if you are in a different state and for whatever reason you just can’t make it. They make sure to record the webinars and send it out to you! As well as all the training, it is all online, which I think it is pretty cool, when I first started I was not able to go to Miami.


Forex Successful Traders Review



Just a quick tip from my mentor Armando Martinez, where he explains the ” #1 way brokers make money from you “:




So, Can you really be successful with Forex Successful Traders?

Unfortunately, not everyone that joins in this industry is cut out to trade, even with the help of people. And not because they don’t get it, but because they give up way too fast…. Honestly in my 4-5 years of trading that is the one quality I’ve seen of people that actually make it (THEY NEVER QUIT!), so it all depends on YOU and on how badly YOU want to make this happen. Now , some people learn this in 3 months and other in 2 years, we are all different and learn and adapt at differently speeds. Anyways though, you are welcome to check out their own testimonies of students here:


What type of strategy does FxST teach?

Forex Successful Traders teach a Trading System utilizes the benefits of automated technical analysis, however it still allows the trader to adjust to current market dynamics. Although that may sound contrary to typical trading education, Check out this Video Series will show you exactly how their strategy works… Click here Video Series

You can also download their latest platform for free! check it out – FxPM 2.0


Now if I come up with any more questions I can definitely update them here, if you have any , shoot me a message on Facebook or add me. Feel free to ask me, I know how it feels to want to know more –