Forex Trader Analysis Paralysis – Stop Thinking and Start Trading

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This is a common problem for traders, the deer in the headlights scenario. It occurs when you had gathered too much information in such little time and you are wanting to use it all at once. Congestion in your thinking, and you begin to over analyze why you should take the trade and eventually just dont take it. It can be a very big problem and can have a severe negative consequence on your trading performance.

Problem – Too many external and internal influences about the market can cause confusion and make you over analyze the situation.

News trading, trading technicals, other people, your trading peers, trading forums, all these things have one thing in common, in which they cause you to over analise the market and become confuse. When you have this happen it can cause you to second guess your trading skills, your strategy and maybe even second guess why you even trade or want to trade!

Solution –  Make a decision to ignore those external influences

Ignoring all those other people talking and news talk about which way the market should go will be better for your trading decision. Understand they are only hurting you! Once you fully accept that you will begin to believe in your trading strategy and in that what you are doing works. (Assuming you already have a profitable strategy / mindset) Success in trading is the result of being a master of yourself and your trading strategy and having a clear focused and solid mind to what you are looking for in the market and sticking to that without any outside influences.


Still second guessing over which way the market is going to go? STOP what you are doing and learn this strategy!


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