Learn how to trade the forex market

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Learn how to trade the forex market.

So when I first started learning how to trade the forex market, I am going to admit it, I was awed that I was just able to open a demo account with $50,000 dollars and as I downloaded the platform it was all great and dandy opening trades like a wannabe pro and it felt really good earning tons of demo money. 🙂

What sucked is that as soon as I went live…. guess what ?  I lost money ….mhmmmmm  I wonder why right? Simple answer , I didnt know anything!

In that state , I was literally in a very bad state where most people just quit, but I didn’t, in spite the fact that I was in the ” I didn’t know, that I didnt know stage” crazy right? to not even know that I didn’t even know lol … it may sound weird when you say it but you will get it 😀 hopefully.

So eventually learning how to trade the forex market was the toughest thing I have ever done! but I really built a strong passion for it, I loved it, so I continued going. I did what everyone else that didn’t quit does keep going and keep hoping that things will turn out for the best.

Unfortunately that was only the beginning! I am done , right! haha (I laugh now) but holy smokes I was in the hole, big time! I then finally realized that I knew!, that I didn’t know! Yes that’s right “I knew that I didn’t know! and it hit me hard. I thought my life and career was done. Fortunately I came across a trading company and tought trades how to trade mechanically, applying rules and teaching you how to stay discipline. But I felt it was really hands on , and there were still some things I just didn’t get. One thing is for sure is I realized didn’t know. So in order to get to where I wanted to be. I would have to do something I had never done before. Once again I dropped my whole ego b.s. of trying to come up with my own trading system and started hitting the books and learning more and I did, at this stage I knew what I wanted and I was committed and I was willing to do anything as long as it was legal and legit to get what I wanted. Which was to be a professional consistent profitable trader.

A few years passed by I still wasn’t profitable. I then said it is the system, and I joined Forex Successful Traders, here was were I learned how to trade the forex market. When I first started it wasn’t all flowers and sunshine I still had to learn everything else. One thing that did helped me was that I just did not give up! I learned so much! with them and I was able to get to the stage where I was profitable but it was not consistent, I was back and forth and breaking even if not some months I would still lose. But little by little I continued to improve my trading, I took pictures, I saw every single training session FxST provided me with and listened to everything our head trader and coach would say! I was pushing against resistance, now the way that I was able to push through the noise and really learn how to trade the forex market was when I decided I was going to be patient. Not just that but also realizing and planning that I was going to be in this business for the long haul. It was not going to be a 6 month project, this was it! this is my future career!

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