How I Started Making Money Trading Forex online


Hi, my name is Martin Hernandez and I am the founder of this blog.

I would first like to go ahead and share my story and begin to dive in and show you a way how you can also begin your journey. I didnt have anyone to show me a way…. I pretty much had to find it. If you dont want to read further, here would be the fastest way you can learn how to make money online trading forex:

(NOTE: This is not for whiners, for people that make excuses, and as well as for those that will not take the time to learn) The reason I mention it, is because if it was easy, we would all be doing it….


How the Internet and Forex Trading Changed my life

Having access to the internet, is awesome but can be dangerous luckily before giving up I ended up trading with FxST and it has been an awesome journey, learning from the team, and be able to become a pro trader and really being able to have an edge with today’s risky and volatile market has been a blessing. It was not easy but, it was worth the risk, the time and the investment.

Not just that but it took a toll on my emotions and was able to learn to transfer that energy and be able to be more discipline. Psychology and knowing who I was as a person and a trader really put a perspective on my life.

Being able to trade like a Pro and trade against the so called pro’s is an incredible feeling. Having the confidence to know that my future is in my hands and I can take it as far as I want. As long as I have an internet connection and a laptop I will be in business.

Of course it wasn’t always like this for me and it has taken a long time to bring together the necessary ingredients to be able to enjoy the fruits of my trading labor.

With the ability to observe and understand I’ve come to realize that there is an order, a process of development I have gone through to reach the present point. The order for me went something like this –

1. Figure out exactly what “IT TAKES” to make money trading forex online.

2. Figured out that I knew, that I did not know, but knew the road blocks I was going to face… which was a simple road block: PATIENCE.

3. Started to increase my knowledge and trading methodology, Discipline and tradined my Psychology to be able to make money consistently trading forex, ( I was still not consistently profitable) .

4. Realized that I had to let go my own EGO and self to find someone that would teach me how to trade like a pro and be able to make money trading forex online.

5.Once I found the right people, I got to work and started to work on my craft for hours and study as much as possible as well as study trading opportunities, making it a habit took about 2-3 months to recognize signals.

6. Sooner or later I was able to go live and know I had the confidence of that of a trader with more than 10+ years of experience , the real secret with FxST is their Trading System. I have to say, it is definitely light years a way from any trading system out there.

7. Save money and have enough capital to trade with!!!!
( If you were like me, and is also losing money!! Simple advice…YOUR capital is what will keep you in the game, REMEMBER THAT! )


How I Started Making Money Trading

After a few years of trading and trying to figure out all the bells and whistles of the market on my own, I ended up blowing up two trading account each of $5,000 ( wholly smokes! ) I bought countless robots and some simple courses only to see them fail, I just didnt get it… in total, I have given the market close to almost $20,000 dollars!!!

But I did not want to give in, I knew people trading full time and enjoying their life. There was a way and I was willing to carry on….

I mean literally it was heart breaking, I was down to my last year of trading and was able to save up enough money to give it my one last chance!

Soon after I gave FxST a chance for the second time and was able to learn how to trade using their system and took the time, I learned that I did have an edge, since then my trading account has taken a full 180 degree turn from losing money trading forex, to making money trading CONSISTENTLY!!! The rest is history, I became inspired and decided to create this blog.

Keep in mind that this whole forex journey and being able to trade and make profits on a consistent basis, takes time and work and a huge amount of drive because when you go through hard ships, that will keep you going! You can not give in.


How I stayed Motivated and continued to trade FOREX

Because trading is not easy, you have to think out of the box to push yourself. I was pretty much at end of my ropes and what kept me going was focusing on my family, my future life, my wife and not to mention my future kid! As soon as I saw that ultrasound it really pushed me even more. I am not saying go out there and make a kid hahaha, of course not but the whole point is to find a reason so BIG that when the bad times come because they will, YOU will not give in. It will continue to push you forward. If you are reading this right now, it is because you know you can still do it. Whether it is with FxST or a different company, you know that it is possible and I hope you do find success! 20150106_145049


How Can You Benefit From My Story?

Aboutme2 This story only touches upon many different aspects of my own development as a trader as well as understanding that we are not alone.

No doubt you feel there are lots of pieces of the puzzle missing in starting to trader like a Pro and be able to make consistent profits.

Your next step, if you want to follow my footsteps and be able to become a pro trader, go here watch a complimentary video of Matt ( Senior  Forex Trader ) where he shows you the new FxST office and how you can get involved:

My blog does have articles and I will continue posting as much as possible. I will present to you with much knowledge about the journey to  becoming a Pro Trader.

Some articles go into much deeper detail of how I trade and my style of trading. I do hope my experience are able to help you.

I realize it can be daunting when stepping into the world of forex, hence I would like to present to you a starting page  to help guide you. The next page to go to now, is this one –

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Thank you for reading my story, and I’ll see you soon.

Martin Hernandez

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